There are lots of stuff out there that wikia staff need to edit so they have the choice to use wikia utilities. Also for example wikia staff are not known to the wikia utilities for example templates of wikia staff have it.

Helpful Wikia UtilitiesEdit

Helpful Wikia Utilities are wikia utillities that are helpful


They are helpers of the wiki and know everything about it for example, the administrators are sometimes not good at stuff so wikia helpers help them. If you dont need help dont just block the wikia helper thats asking you just tell it "I dont need help right now but thanks." and you wont get bothered.

Super Wikia UtilitiesEdit

Super Wikia Utilities are wikia utilities that know everything on wiki's


Wikia Staff are most important like when they block people they stay blocked on all of their wikis and a few spam gets tooken away.

well the wikia utilities are helpful bye thanks for reading-TheNewWeegee