Chapter 1Edit

Zarbon:we met bubblehead


Zeegee:who are these guys?

Zortran and Zagamiicho:they are our rivals

Wazalleo and Wazeegee show up

Wazalleo:you could beat this garlic can you?

Zeegee:stone garlic?

Zalleo:Stone Flower

Chapter 2Edit

Narrator:Zalleo and Zeegee vs. Wazalleo and Wazeegee

Gooneegee:why do battles always be so hard with the Zeatures?

Congratuategee:the Zalleo Universe has a rumble remember?

Gooneegee:sorry i thought it was Angry Birds Mashems


Chapter 3Edit

The battle begins

Zortran:what a nice battle

Zagamiicho:yeah how nice it is

To Be Continued