Chapter 1Edit

Papa Zeegee II:well here we are


Papa Zeegee II:if it werent for them i wouldnt be revived

Zeegee:well we need to find a way

Papa Zeegee II:like where?

Zeegee:find out

Chapter 2Edit

Zeegee finds a secret

Zeegee:worker baker

Papa Zeegee II:does that do it

Zawheeo:i found something


Zawheeo:i remember you

Zeegee:well all of our keeps are in here


Zpongebob:hey Zquidward

Zatrick:hey Zquidward

Zquidward:BE QUIET!

Gooneegee:this is a discusting video

Gooneegee turns off video

Chapter 3Edit

Congratuategee:you never know Zpongebob Zquarepants

To Be Continued