Papa Zeegee II:almost there

Zeegee finds Zortrans Mansion

maze music plays

Chapter 1Edit

Zeegee:its glad to be back

Zquidward:you are cold in here

Zpongebob and Zatrick:ZQUIDWARD ZQUIDWARD

Zquidward:you morons LEAVE ME ALONE

Spongebob:who are these Zeatyuares

Squidward:yeah these Zeetrures

Patrick:yeah these Zeawetures

Zeegee:they are not Zeatyuares or Zeetrures or Zeawetures THEY ARE ZEATURES

Chapter 2Edit

Zalleo:who sent the Spongebob Squarepants?

Zoogy:you 2 feel sent alone

Papa Zeegee II:uhhhhhhhh no

Zoegee:hi im Zoogy's little sister


Zortran:while i know these 2 they use to be friends with Zalleo

Zawheeo:nice meeting you Zalleo

Zalleo:want to join the Zalleo Evolution?


Chapter 3Edit

Narrator:ahhhhhhhhh will these 5000 or more people come

Narrator:or will they suffer from danger

Jewelgee:ummmmmmmmm im a jewel

Narrator laughs

Jewelgee laughs

Zeegee:wait this is not over yet


Papa Zeegee II gets killed


Zalleo revives him again and he becomes Papa Zeegee III

Papa Zeegee III:thank you!

Zalleo:no problem