Papa Zeegee II gets killed again

Zalleo revives him again

Chapter 1Edit

Zeegee:so dad what do we have to worry

Papa Zeegee III:so maybe dear we will have to celebrate the return

Zpongebob:what a doohicky

Zquidward:ITS ART

Zatrick:why didnt you tell us

Chapter 2Edit

Zeegee:i knew it would end

Zalleo:no it wouldnt as long as the Stone Flower was beaten

Zawheeo:beaten its just that life will never be the same

Zeegee:im sure it will

Zortran:i can see you 3 are tired

Zalleo Zawheeo and Zeegee:yes


Chapter 3Edit

Narrator:well i think this will end soon

Chapter 4Edit

Zeegee:huh i think i pooped in my pants


Zortran:huh pooping in your pants wont help it

Papa Zeegee III:yeah

Narrator:Jewelgee can you help me


Zalleo:so will we continue our adventure or just sit here all morning


Narrator:maybe this is the end