Zeenee was the leader of the Squadron of Zee until he was killed by Zeewee, He has a brother named Zaylleo and his enemy is Zoodumb

Zeenee IIEdit

After Zeenee got killed he was revived by Zun Ded a Zeature of Un Ded. He joined forces with Zal Qaeegee (Squadron of Ziarrhea) but after that he wouldnt be the leader though his forces couldnt help him so he had a better plan he tried to kill Zee Bee Gee Jee but failed and got killed when he failed.

Zeenee IIIEdit

After Zeenee II failed to destroy Zee Bee Gee Jee, Zun Ded revived him again, He got killed by Zeegee thought he was an imposter

Zeenee IVEdit

After Zeenee III got into an accident with Zeegee, Zun Ded decided to get Zeegee to revive him he is now on his side again but when he was driving a cruise ship he got killed by crashing into a yacht. He wont get revived again because Zeegee cant swim underwater.