Another version of Zeelleo

Zeelleo is Zeemee's brother and Zeaturegen's son. He was also a Fakealzeo that was created when a Zalleo clone fused with a Zeegee clone by Zuseegee. He looks like Zalleo except he is more Luigi/Weegee-like. Zeelleo is extremely evil, so whoever he fights with ends up dead. He is also the owner of Zeelleo School, located in the blue eye of the Zeegeeverse. Strangely, he is not enemies of Zeegee, but he is enemies of Zalleo, after crashing the Zeelleo School Dance. His sons are Samazeelleo and Zuiracuuuwheo. Compared to the other Zeelleo, Zeelleo is extremely successful, and in some planets has entire cities named after him. He is part of Zalleo s Rainbow. He has been trying to revive his brother via a mysterious object, but ended up being killed by Zqalleo and Super Zqalleo at the same time, but Zeelleo did know that Super Zqalleo was separated from Zqalleo. To keep the Zeelleo School from getting destroyed, Zeelleo is now Zeelleo II. But this time, he didn't lose any memory of his past and he never joined The Anti-Zeegee Alliance. He resumed his finding of mysterious objects to revive Zeemee. Eventually, the original Zeelleo was brought back by Zeelgreo. He did this because of his disliking of Zeelleo III for some reason.


  • Lalleo has at least three 'clones', or Fakalleos:
    • False Zeelleo
    • Tall Zalleo
    • Wazeelleo
  • He never liked MamaZuigi22 because of what MamaZuigi22 did to his school.