Zuteegee is a Fakezee made in a cloning accident involving the Zeegee Cloning Machine and SuperDNA. For the first minute of his life he was Pure Evil and beat up Zuigi, his creator. Then his evilness died down. Due to his SuperDNA, he is multicolored and can shoot lasers, and can change his colors to mimic any Fakezee. He also has two brothers, Zutalleo and Zaramellio. He even had a wannabe named Zooteegee, who copied Zuteegee exactly but became evil when Zuteegee said he doesn't like Zooteegee ripping him off. Zuteegee is currently in Fakezee Prison as he was framed by crimes commited by Zooteegee, who then joined Al Zaeegee. Zuteegee has been in prison for the last 2 months. He is DNA was made from a piece of Zeegee's hat and juicies form his eyes, a bit of Zegeta's DNA, fad juice, a piece of Zuiyii's shirt, a piece of Zarreoh's hat, Zqeegee's DNA and a little bit of Chinese dragon DNA. He's cousins with Zreytugee.

Escape Attempts Edit

Using his Color Change ability, Zuteegee has tried to pose as several Fakezees to get out of jail. They were:

Since the guards knew of Zuteegee's ability, all these attempts failed.

Also, Sutalleo has tried to bail Zuteegee out of prison several times, but Zuteegee is to be detained in prison until his guards realize how Zuteegee is apparently commiting more crimes from prison. (Zooteegee is actually commiting these crimes but everyone thinks it is Zuteegee.) The UWA has plans to free Zuteegee so he can then help him join Zeegee's army once more. 




Zuteegee in ROZ7

Toon zuteegee

Toon Zuteegee